Advanced Terra Testing, Inc. (ATT) is a full-scope, state-of-the-art geotechnical testing laboratory providing advanced capability in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and geosynthetics testing services. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, just 20 minutes west of Denver, ATT has performed more than 10,000 projects for over 400 commercial and governmental clients (including major geotechnical programs at several U.S. DOE and DOD sites). ATT has provided geotechnical testing services for projects in all 50 states and 23 foreign countries. Our principals and associates have more than 200 cumulative years of experience in applied geotechnical testing.

The firm was formally established and incorporated in 1984 by acquiring the Denver laboratory facilities and equipment formerly owned by Dames & Moore, a leading international consulting engineering firm. The acquisition was effected by Christopher Wienecke and Duke Wilson, who were instrumental in the original design, installation, and operation of the laboratory since 1973.

The heart of ATT's ability to provide quality services lies in the experience, dedication, and training of the lab's personnel. ATT maintains an experienced laboratory staff with the full spectrum of technical, project management, report preparation, and administrative expertise necessary to efficiently conduct the laboratory's operations. Cumulatively, these individuals possess have more than 200 years of experience and have successfully conducted hundreds of testing campaigns involving sample preparation, laboratory analysis, and results reporting for literally tens of thousands of individual samples. In addition to their eminent academic and practical qualifications, each individual must pass training in our rigorous Quality Assurance, sample handling and tracking, standard technical, and Radioactive Materials License procedures. Current OSHA and NICET training is maintained for staff working in functional testing and/or with site access requirements.

Christopher J. Wienecke, Co-owner - 41 years of experience in geotechnical testing and field exploration, including the design and execution of geotechnical sample collection programs, laboratory testing campaigns, and the interpretation and use of laboratory data. He is active in the development of advanced laboratory techniques, sitting on both the ASTM D 18 (Soil & Rock Mechanics) and D 35 (Geosynthetics) Committees; he also acts as an adjunct Instructor at the Colorado School of Mines.

Duke C. Wilson, Co-owner - 53 years of experience in materials testing, test equipment design and construction, and laboratory setup and operations; he has also had extensive experience in calibration and maintenance of sensor technologies (e.g., temperature, pressure, flow rate) and recording systems. With applied work in fracture mechanics and fatigue and tension testing, he has been responsible for the performance of thousands of geotechnical testing programs.
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