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ATT Bferro

Brandon Ferro

Assistant Soils Division Manager

Bachelor of Science, Geology, College of Charleston, 2013

Brandon supports Owner Kerry Repola in the management of the Soils Division of ATT. He uses his years of experience as a testing technician to inform his communication with clients and better assist with the day to day operations of the Soils Division.

Geotechnical Background

Brandon’s interests in geotechnical applications were pursued early on in his academic studies at the College of Charleston. He was involved in many research projects dealing with local soil and rock classification and identification. In October of 2012, Brandon took part in hand auguring soils in Francis Marion, SC in order to interpret distinct horizons and evaluate field parameters such as drainage quality and mobility of contaminates. Another hydrogeological study included well drilling and installation at Dixie Plantation, SC. This study involved recording water head levels of numerous piezometers and tripod surveying to generate water table hydrographs. Other hydrogeological projects included estimating water budget of a watershed (Turkey Creek, Francis Marion, SC) and calculating volumetric flow rates of Cedar Creek in Congaree National Park, SC.

Brandon’s early research also delved into ArcGIS Database building and land assessment, resource inventory digitization and construction of a high-resolution land use map at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC.

As a geochemistry lab assistant in 2012, Brandon also participated in some cooperative research studies of local estuarine systems. In November of 2012, he conducted an assessment to identify potential sources of bacterial contamination in Mount Pleasant, SC. This data was compiled and made public to local residences. Brandon assisted in a three-week field study program. Traveling throughout the Midwest, the team sketched geologic and topographic base maps of different locations to emphasize stratigraphic sections and geographic structures.

During his time with ATT, Brandon has amassed over five years of geotechnical analysis and field testing experience on various construction materials including rock, soil, aggregate, concrete, asphalt, and geosynthetics. His field experience includes nuclear gauge testing, sand cone testing, and geosynthetic inspection on multiple projects in accordance with ASTM standards. In addition, he has tested concrete for slump, air, strength and conformance to project specifications. He has significant experience in routine geotechnical lab testing such as proctors, Atterberg limits, sieve analysis, expansion index, CBR, permeability, direct shears, consolidation, and other soil and aggregate tests for private and public projects. His lab experience also involves maintaining and calibrating equipment, communicating with the office, contractors, and clients about schedule, testing, and results. He is motivated in assessing field applications and providing quality data.

Beyond the Lab

Brandon enjoys spending time with family and friends when out of the office. Some hobbies include reading, golfing, snowboarding, hiking, and camping.

Certification and Licenses

APNGA Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety & U.S. D.O.T. Hazmat Certification
ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I
WAQTC – Embankment & Base Testing Technician
MSHA Safety Training

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