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Since its founding, Advanced Terra Testing has invested more than $1 million on the acquisition, design, construction, calibration and proof testing of geotechnical laboratory equipment; virtually all of ATT's test apparatus have been custom designed and constructed to the lab's exacting standards for test accuracy and production capacity. As a result, ATT offers state-of-the-art geotechnical testing capability in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and geosynthetics and, in many cases, the lab offers testing capacities and/or protocols which are unique in the industry. This same innovative equipment design and construction capability has often been applied to unique client testing requirements, ensuring that virtually any soil, rock or geosynthetic testing program can be accommodated.
Soil Testing Equipment
Rock Testing Equipment
The loading frame is rated at 22,000 pounds.
The hydraulic actuator is rated at 5,500 pounds with a six inch stroke.
Load cells have capacities of 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 200 pounds.
Independent control of back pressure allows for performance of constant head or flow pump permeability tests on samples in the 40 triaxial chambers.
Depending on test complexity, load, pore pressure and deflection data are collected via computerized aquisition systems, or are continuously recorded on an X-Y1-Y2 chart recorder.
The triaxial chambers are capable of applying confining pressures of up to 500 psi.
Samples of up to four inches in diameter can be tested.

Samples from 2" diameter to 12" x 12" square can be accommodated.
Tests are performed in double-plane and single-plane direct shear devices.
Automated recording of results is provided.
The maximum confining pressure is 6,000 psf for double-plane and 14,000 psf for single-plane shear.
Tests are performed at field moisture or saturated conditions as required.
Axial Compression loading to 500,000 pounds (2,220 kN)
Triaxial Confining Stresses to 10,000 psi (68,950 kPa)
Direct Shear 10,000 pound (44.5 kN) Normal Load, 25,000 pound (111 kN) shear load, stress or strain controlled
Dynamic loading of entire systems, as in a sine wave sense of motion
Sonic Pulse Velocity
Large scale (12 inch diameter) loading of percolation columns, to 4,000 psi
In house sample preparation with water cooled diamond core barrels and rock saws
ATT utilizes two specially designed flow pumps during permeability testing which are capable of accurately testing material with permeability in the ranges of 10-4 to 10-12 cm/sec.
Testing performed by ATT follows established American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) recommended procedures, Corp of Engineers (COE) procedures, or United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) procedures where ASTM standards are not available. The testing equipment and instrumentation utilized is routinely calibrated, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The Rock Mechanics laboratory has been technically audited and approved to provide project testing by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Energy, and numerous other organizations throughout the United States. Data are presented in spreadsheet format and can be provided in hard copy (paper) or electronically, via disk/ CD or e-mail.

In many cases, ATT has enhanced the test equipment with respect to testing sensitivities, automation of recording and other capabilities that may be required for particular projects or client needs. These enhancements are subject to strict design and calibration standards. Cooperative relationships have been established with leading academic institutions which support the performance and application of this equipment (e.g. Colorado School of Mines).
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