ATT maintains a staff of qualified Senior Field Services technicians and supervisory personnel with cumulative experience of over 30 years in providing field services. Senior supervisory MQA and CQA personnel are degreed engineers, NICET Level II minimum certified in geosynthetics, and OSHA 40 hour certified for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.
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In response to increasing client needs and as a natural supplement to ATT's extensive geosynthetics testing capabilities, ATT established the Field Services Division in 1995.

The role of the Field Services Division is in the support of project specific Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA), Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), and forensic investigations involving applications of geosynthetics

CQA services involve observing and documenting a contractor's adherence to project specifications. Observations can include: subgrade preparation; placement of geosynthetics; inspection of mechanical connections; testing of trial welds and field welds; removal of destructive sample coupons and third party laboratory testing.

MQA services involve observing and documenting a manufacturer's adherence to material specifications. Such services include: Checking for proper documentation of batch numbers and roll numbers; in-plant inspections; and/or conduct of applicable index/performance tests to verify material characteristics.
ATT supplies a concise report detailing installation activities that can affect the quality of the final project. This report typically includes a Summary Report, Daily Reports, Panel Placement Forms, Trial Weld Forms, Panel Seaming Forms, Destructive Test Report Forms, Non-Destructive Test Report Forms, 3rd Party Test Results, Project Photographs, As-Built Panel Layout Diagrams and Mechanical Connection Detail Drawings. Other forms and reports are generated based on specific project requirements.

ATT uses AutoCad 14 to produce As-Built Panel Layout Diagrams for each layer of geosynthetics installed, as required. These drawings are typically produced using an electronic copy of the site drawings provided by the owner/engineer and ATT's field measurements.

ATT also supplies detail drawings of the mechanical attachments (e.g. geosynthetics to Inlet-Outlet Structures, Spillways, Manholes, Vents, Penetrations, Staff Gages etc.) as well as other site specific details.