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ATT Krepola

Kerry Repola

Owner/President/Laboratory Director

Associate of Applied Science, Architectural Technology, Arapahoe Community College, 1983

As the Laboratory Director, Kerry is responsible for the daily operation of the laboratory. He communicates daily with the Division Managers to ensure our clients’ needs are being met for all projects. ATT’s client base includes federal, state, county and city agencies, along with multiple sectors of private industry. Kerry helps educate our clients on new and existing testing procedures to assist them in the creation of testing programs which meet their requirements and budget. He also resolves scheduling conflicts that arise with multiple projects as well as interfacing with new and existing clients to market the laboratory’s myriad testing capabilities.

Geotechnical Background

Kerry’s initial experience in geotechnical engineering started in 1987 as an Environmental Technician working for Waste Management. His duties included working with air monitoring systems employed at the site, along with surface water and groundwater sampling activities. He was also responsible for the care and maintenance of the enhanced evaporation system employed at the site.

In 1988, he joined Golder Associates as an Engineering Technician. There he gained valuable experience working on multiple projects that included the QA/QC inspection and field testing of the earth materials used during the construction of clay liner systems, clay covers and leachate collection systems. Many of these earthwork projects allowed him to gain experience in the QA/QC inspection of the geosynthetic materials used for liner and cover systems. Over the years, he has inspected more than 10,000,000 square feet of geosynthetic materials. He gained additional experience while supervising drilling operations, sampling and logging soils, and during the construction, development and hydraulic testing of monitoring wells and piezometers. Many of the samples collected during these field operations required laboratory testing, and he was introduced to the laboratory environment early in his career. Initially via basic index tests and then eventually more intricate strength and permeability testing of both soils and rock. In March of 1991, he took over the day to day operation of the Golder laboratory. During his time at Golder Associates, he was tasked to move and expand the lab operations two separate times, eventually moving into an off-site space.

In late 1997, Kerry had the opportunity to begin working at Advanced Terra Testing as the Soils Division Manager. Working at an independent testing laboratory allowed him to develop his experience working with multiple clients and unique materials, while also continuing to add to his geosynthetic testing expertise. In 2012, Kerry became the Laboratory Manager, responsible for the Soils, Rock, Geosynthetics and Field Services Divisions, further expanding his overall experience. In early 2019, Kerry and his partner purchased Advanced Terra Testing. He is now the President/Laboratory Director. He views every day as an opportunity to learn and add to his experience.

Beyond the Lab

Kerry is an avid golfer and enjoys being outdoors, hiking, camping all while pursuing another passion, photography. He hunts and flyfishes as much as he can. But the real joy comes from spending time with his family, especially his wife and six grandchildren.


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