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ATT MMcfadden

Mary McFadden

Quality Assurance Manager/Materials Division Manager

Bachelor of Science, Land Use, Metro State University, 2014

Since 2019 Mary has been ATT’s Quality Assurance Manager and Materials Division Manager. As the Quality Assurance Manager, she ensures that ATT’s quality program adheres to all the standards and quality requirements dictated by such bodies as ASME, ISO, AASHTO and ASTM. As the Materials Division Manager she supervises all concrete and aggregate testing and technicians in the field and laboratory.

Geotechnical Background

Mary first joined ATT in 2008 as a Soils Technician. Two years later she began work with the Geosynthetics Division in addition to soils testing. In 2016, after graduating college and taking two years off to spend with her two young daughters she started a career path at Colorado Department of Transportation in the Materials Unit at Central Lab in Denver. During her time at CDOT she was a Lead Technician and active participant in the CRMCA partnership. She regularly participated in the many ACI certification programs hosted by CDOT.

Mary was one of first in the state to gain the Self-Consolidating Concrete certification 2017 when the certification was first introduced. During her time at CDOT she was also heavily involved in the pilot Super-Air Meter (SAM) program, being one of the sole trainers for all state and consultant workers on DOT projects. During her time at CDOT, she was also recognized as the 2017 Materials Technician of the Year, winning the award for HQ Central Lab, and taking home the designation as Materials Technician of the Year for Colorado as a whole, and being recognized in the 2019 Field Materials Manual.

After spending three amazing years at CDOT and gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge and industry experience Mary returned to her beloved ATT. Drawing on over a decade of experience in geotechnical testing and specifically her concrete and aggregate testing knowledge, she is now the Materials Manager at ATT. During 2020 she gained her ASME NQA-1 Lead Auditor certification which allowed her to take on the role of Quality Assurance Manager. Bringing together her many hours spent as a Supplemental Examiner for ACI and CRMCA, and her experience inspecting labs and training throughout the state has provided her a strong foundation on which to deliver the upmost quality in testing services here at ATT.

Beyond the Lab

When Mary is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two young daughters and their pets. As a family they enjoy watching movies, doing crafts, hiking, and riding their bikes around the neighborhood. If she happens to find herself with free time of her own, she enjoys reading sci-fi novels and baking cakes.

Certification and Licenses

ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I
ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician
ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 1
ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 2
ACI Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician
ACI Aggregate Base Testing Technician
ACI Aggregate Testing Technician - Level 1
ACI Aggregate Testing Technician - Level 2
ASME NQA-1 Lead Auditor

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