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Soil Mechanics
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Advanced Terra Testing's (ATT) Soil Mechanics Division is responsible for performing a broad range of basic soils classification tests to sophisticated state of the art static triaxial and cyclic triaxial tests.

Testing performed by ATT follows established American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) recommended procedures, Corp of Engineers (COE) procedures, or United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) procedures where ASTM standards are not available. The testing equipment and instrumentation utilized is routinely calibrated, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

ATT utilizes a Material Testing System Corporation (MTS) closed-loop electro-hydraulic dynamic soil testing system. The equipment is specifically designed to allow for testing of a full range of standard triaxial and cyclic triaxial tests.

Kerry Repola
Soil Mechanics Division and Lab Manager:
 Equipment Info
Soil User Guide

Moisture Content and Density
Atterberg Limits
Shrinkage Limit
Specific Gravity
Grain Size Analysis
Hydrometer Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Organic Matter Content
Soil Classification
Proctor Test Standard
Proctor Test Modified
California Bearing Ratio Test
Relative Density
Consolidation Test
Swell/Settlement Consolidation
Pin Hole Test
Double Hydrometer Test
Crumb Test
Falling Head
Constant Head
Back Pressure (flow pump)
Flowing Air (modified for soil)
Capillary Moisture Retention
Unconfined Compressive Strength (w/ stress/strain curve)
Unconfined Compressive Strength (proctor specimens)
Vane Shear
Direct Shear
Freeze Thaw Tests
Triaxial Shear (uncosolidated, undrained)
Triaxial Shear (uncosolidated, undrained, saturated)
Triaxial Shear (cosolidated, undrained w/ pore pressure)
Triaxial Shear (cosolidated, drained)
Slump Test
Free Swell of Bentonite and Soil
Specifications for Drill Fluid (Gel Strength, Mud Density, Filtrate Loss, Flocculation Observation, Marsh Funnel Viscosity)
pH Analysis
Sulfate Analysis
Chloride Analysis

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